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When Vanessa Williams started out in the field of massage therapy, it was with a mind toward helping others. Her career began in the clinical side of massage therapy, but while she eventually broadened out into house massage therapy, her efforts also led her to train with lasers.

For Vanessa, laser treatment appealed because of what it embodied for it's patients: instant gratification. "It's like a reward," said Vanessa, "being able to take somebody's insecurities and perform procedures on them that give them back their security to where they're feeling confident about themselves again."

Vanessa originally joined Skin Laser and Day Spa as an employee in 2006, but has since taken ownership of the spa and begun expanding it to cater to a wider audience. The business started in a space of no more than 1,500-square-feet, but under Vanessa's guidance that space has tripled, making room for a salon, waxing services and custom-made work stations dedicated to manicures and pedicures, handling everything from acrylics to more natural nail styles.

As such, it's scope of services has also broadened with time, now ranging from laser hair removal to wrinkle treatments, sun spot removal, detoxifying wraps, massage – both therapeutic and relaxation-oriented – and hair styling. They also provide facials and various aesthetic treatments, as well as offer the latest cosmetic and beauty trends.

The whole business is designed toward the atmosphere of a single notion: a one stop shop for one's physical projection.

What's more, if the word laser wasn't a tip-off, technology plays a large part in the spa's unique quality. The laser in the spa's name is utilized for a variety of services, all overseen by a medical director.

On one hand, it is used to eliminate undesirable elements of the body, with procedures like the laser-guided hair removal – a process that, with time and successive treatments, induces permanent hair reduction and significantly reduces the need to shave affected areas.

While perhaps the most popular of these services, it is by no means the only one. Such lasers are also used to instantly eliminate spider veins and provide a layered peel of the epidermis for a controlled assault on acne-scarred skin.

Yet on the other hand, the laser can also be used to rejuvenate the skin in a way Vanessa calls the natural approach to anti-aging.

"The laser is kind of like your treadmill," said Vanessa. "It's going down into your skin and tricking your skin as if it's injured, so therefore you're producing all the cells and it rebuilds the collagen and elasticity."

Coupled with a sustained maintenance program and time, it works to retune the skin and recapture some of what time works so hard to chip away.

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