Jaime Collins

I Love working at Skin Laser and Day Spa, we are a team environment who all have passion for what we do! Vanessa, the owner, is an amazing person to work for and my Co-Workers are also amazing to work with! We all share the same love and passion for our Family, Friends, Work and Service’s! I Graduated from Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in early 2013. I’m licensed in Massage Therapy and certified in Myofascial and Neuromuscular therapy as well. I believe that each person is unique and customize to each person’s needs and wants whether there goal is to just relax or get relief from tight, knots, overuse, misuse, pain or injury. I am skilled in helping people feel better with a caring, respectful and positive attitude. I believe quality of life is very important to our everyday life. People often forget to take care of themselves so they can be optimal in helping others! I enjoy helping people get that quality of life back! I am also a Certified Coolsculpting Clinician who focuses on Client needs, comfort and results. I will access and treat each person for debulking and sculpting those hard to get rid of areas of concern that are custom to each person’s body. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, no surgery, no downtime, no needles alternative to liposuction and has a mind blowing 97% customer success rate! Skin Laser and Day Spa is the only Certified Coolsculpting Medical Spa in their area. Come enjoy the benefits of the beautiful, relaxing, comfortable, friendly environment of Skin Laser and Day Spa and its staff. We will even serve you lunch while you receive your CoolSculpting treatment!

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