Laser Photofacial

PhotoFacial / Collagen Remodeling / Laser Skin Rejuvenation

All of the above terms refer to a practice of using a Non-Ablative laser light source to heat the deeper layers of skin (the dermis) to create a type of thermal injury that forces the body to respond with a wound healing behavior and induce new collagen production, skin tightening and the correction of photo-aging due to sun exposure. The combination of this laser modality combined with physical/chemical resurfacing of the skin gives more significant improvement in the skin than either procedure alone and should be considered for optimal and fastest results. Both procedures come with minimal downtime and without concern of immediate post treatment appearance of one's face in public. Improvement in the skin has been demonstrated both in the epidermis and the deeper dermal layers and is not limited to the face only.

Note: This procedure also removes hair follicles for permanent reduction. If this is not desired we recommend our Skin Rejuvenation Treatment instead.

Cost $150 Per treatment or Packaged price 3 treatments for $375.

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